About Lisa

Hi, I’m Lisa and one of the first things you’ll notice about me is that I’m passionate about Spirit and the angels. Why? Because my Spiritual team literally saved my life and changed it for the better on every level. Who couldn’t be passionate about something like that?

Have you ever been in that space where you were so low that the you weren’t even sure you could get up off the floor even if you wanted to?

I have.

In the depths of my sadness over what the pain in my life had brought me to, I asked for help. I didn’t know what kind or how it was going to show up but I asked.

Then I went to bed.

When I awoke the next morning, the answer was in front of me, clear as day. There was no denying it and no guessing where it came from. I still had to take action though and so I began a path of detoxification, healing and deep Spiritual awakening. Not an easy choice but I knew that my whole team in Spirit was supporting me and cheering me on, every step of the way.

I am proud servant of God and take great joy in helping you remember who you are – a being created from the very spark of the Divine.

Spirit truly can and wants to help us with everything and anything. We just need to LISTEN to the guidance they provide us, and then ACT on it. If you do, it’s a sure bet your life will unfold in the most amazing ways.

I am living proof.

“She talks to angels”

In my darkest days, my Spiritual team was there to help me find my way and I want to bring their love and support to you. This love is unconditional and that’s something we all long for, deep down. It’s there for you like it was for me and I’ve devoted my life to being their messenger in the world.

When I’m not working with clients, I spend my time playing, hiking, enjoying nature, meditating, reading and immersed in Yoga. These activities help to keep me centred and grounded so that I can reach up into the high vibrations with ease. I also adore being in nature, taking photos and hanging out with my husband, my girlfriends and hosting dinner parties.

I’m excited to share this video of my talk at MoMondays.
In it, I open up and speak about why I do what I do.
If you think this could in any way help anyone, please share.

Thanks! ~ Lisa

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