Looking for more fulfillment in your life?

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Look no further!

What if I told you the answer to more fulfillment is you being YOU? Now, I know what you’re thinking: “but Lisa”.

I’m here to tell you there are no buts about it. The fact is each and every single one of us is born with a unique set of talents and passions for an EXACT reason. YOU ARE MEANT TO USE THEM! THEY ARE THE TICKET TO YOUR FULFILLMENT!

To top it all off, you are naturally good at these things!

Maybe you’re thinking, “It can’t be that easy?” I’m here to assure you it is!

So, what holds people from pursuing their talents and passions?

When I’ve talked to people about this, the number one answer is – fear. It shows up in all sorts of ways. “What if I’m not good enough?” “What if I fail?” or “I don’t have time” Well let’s turn that around! What if you are good enough? What if it is exactly what you need to be doing to feel alive, vibrant and fulfilled? What if you succeed? You don’t have enough time to do what you were born to do? What if pursing your talents and passions brings you so much joy and fulfillment that you are just plain happy and helps make the world a better place?

Spirit says it’s time now more than ever to break through your barriers of fear and self doubt and step fully into yourself by remembering who you truly are – a remarkable, amazing, human – born with the exact passions and talents you are meant to use! It’s why you have them! They are your gifts!

Maybe you have come so far away from yourself that you can’t remember or don’t know what your talents and passions are. A great indicator is thinking about what you loved to do as child. Make a list to figure it out. Ask yourself some questions. What are your dreams? What are you naturally good at? What jacks you up? What makes you excited? Is there something that you have always longed to try?

Actively engaging in your passions and talents is not only fun, but also it will also make you happy!

Now who doesn’t want more of that?

I’d love to know what your passions and talents are. Leave me a comment below and share!

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Do you have trust issues? I do.

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I admit it.

These past few weeks I have gone through a series of events that exposed some old deep wounds for me. Stuff I thought I had dealt with. I totally resisted facing it for a couple of days. Enter crying, anxiety, anger and frustration. Interestingly, when I reached out to my fellow light workers, I learned that their deep wounds had surfaced too. I thought about this and came to the conclusion that these issues would not be coming up if they were not meant to. It has been a long-held belief from deep within my soul that everything happens for a reason. So, since it’s a common issue of peoples deep wounding coming up it means we have the opportunity to heal our sh*t together.

Now, we certainly have the free will to ignore our challenges when they come up. But, I can say from experience that it is much easier to embrace them and do what you need do to move through them than it is to stuff down, ignore, sleep away, walk or run away from them, because they will come up again. So, I would rather lean into it.

The saving grace is once you do your due diligence the hidden treasure of the experience will be revealed. Be assured there is always a hidden treasure  You will find it. Mine often come as ‘ah ha’ moments or epiphanies.

So, saying that; I’m going to openly share what surfaced for me. I have issues with and deep wounds around trusting – men especially. Through honest self-inventory, asking for Divine guidance and the Universe for absolute truth, I was able to piece together via intuitive hunches, dreams, signs and signals that everything relates to my biological father abandoning my family when I was very young.

My next step: return to counselling. And, I am willing to go deeper and do whatever it takes to resolve this. It most likely will not be pretty. Without a doubt, it will not be easy; but I am choosing to face this head on.

Though this adventure of life can be epically amazing sometimes, we are all here to learn and heal. As my friend Charlotte pointed out, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. But I know we’ve got this. Together. As we heal, we help others to heal as well.

Can you trust that you are always being lead, guided and shown the way even if it means showing you your deepest wounding? The beauty of this is, it is the next step in your healing!

Can you practice radical acceptance with where you are at even if it is uncomfortable?

Can you choose to honour what comes up knowing that the Universe would not give you anything that you cannot handle?

Lastly, can you be thankful for the issue coming up so you can move through and beyond it?

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Life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening for you!

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Happy February you beautiful soul!

Upon meditating about what to write about for this month, I was told to write about a mantra that my friend *Amanda Weber uses, “Life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening for you”.

Here is a perfect example of how that showed up in my life. I was going about my day and posted my weekly angel reading onto YouTube. I shared it with my community on Facebook.

While on Facebook, I saw an event that popped up that I “may be interested in”; I clicked on it, as I was intrigued. It was a full moon celebration. I have been feeling very connected with the moon lately and wanting to know more, so I signed up. I went to the event. To say it was mind blowing would be an understatement!

Here is an excerpt from my journal about it:

Last night I participated in a super blue blood moon experience with a Shaman for the first time. It included a guided meditation, a fire ceremony and then a music circle. It was so fulfilling. I literally felt myself vibrating on so many levels. It lasted the entire evening, even after I got home. I could not wait to share my experience with my Mom so I called her to chat while on the way home from it. She playfully teased me saying I was being quite a chatterbox.  I think it was because I was so elated and excited to share my experience with her.

During the first part of the evening in the guided meditation, we were lead to a place where we were gifted something from the Universe. My gift looked like a really bright glowing diamond shape, as bright as a star; it was fairly big and hovered about the height of my heart in front of me. The instructor guided us to accept our gift into our being so it became a part of us and would be with us always. It was very awesome and powerful. An Andean fire ceremony followed.

The Shaman called in the four directions, (East, West, North, South), Father Sun and Mother Earth. We chanted and drummed. I felt extremely connected to my native ancestors! The chanting was so powerful for me as it is something I have been feeling really called to do. During the ceremony, we released things we no longer wanted in our lives and called in what we want to attract. Then we all chose a musical instrument and enjoyed a fun intuitive music circle. The whole experience was so very interesting and enlightening. I am so glad that I did it. I experienced an incredible shift. I am so thankful and I feel so blessed. 

When I got home, I shared my experience with my husband, Kyle, and he said that it sounded awesome! He could tell something big happened for me because of the pure joy and excitement I could not contain. I was lit up! I feel blessed that he is so supportive and willing to open his mind to other things.

When I woke up this morning and I was meditating, I was told to feel that bright white light inside of me.  I felt it in my heart and then I expanded that light out to fill my whole being, I realized that that is my Divine self. My TRUE self. Since doing this, I feel so connected and whole. Then I thought,  by connecting to our essence, that beautiful light within, is where we discover our Divinity! Our TRUE SELF! Epiphany!

I feel so humbled and grateful for this experience. It is such an incredible and lovely space to be in! Then I was told to write about the mantra that Amanda Weber lives by, “Life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening for you”. It is just so true! When we are just patient and trust the process, things unfold as they are meant to. It is a wonderfully important and powerful mantra and one I have adopted to get me out of my head. It helps to me remember that we are all always being lead, guided and shown the way”.

Can you drop in and see how Life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening for you? How lovely is that? Isn’t it so great to know that Spirit has our backs, knows exactly why we are here, what our unique soul lessons and learnings of this lifetime are AND have orchestrated perfectly timed events and experiences so we can fulfill them? I would love to know how you see how life is happening for you, not to you.


*Amanda Weber is a Certified Instructor, Happiness Coach & the creator of The Full Life coaching program and popular weekly Podcast. I recently did a podcast with Amanda called Trusting Your Intuition with Guest Lisa Stamper. You can listen to it by clicking HERE.

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Learning to trust your intuition

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I was honored to be on Amanda Weber’s podcast “The Full Life” talking about one of my favorite topics – trusting your intuition. Take a listen on the Soundcloud player below.

Episode #39 // Trusting Your Intuition with Guest, Lisa Stamper

We are each born with our very own navigation system. Most of us wouldn’t argue this and yet most of have struggled, at one time or another, with tuning into this inner pilot light and trusting it. How often do you go ‘outside’ yourself for answers or suggestions to validate what you know in your heart to be true? On this episode of The Full Life I had a rather practical and very insightful chat with Lisa Stamper. Lisa and her family knew from a young age that she had a very attuned ability to connect with her intuition and beyound. She recalls receiving messages from as young as 2. But, when we she had a premonition of her Oma’s passing when she was 16, it became very clear that she had a special gift. Not without hurdles, including trying to numb out these abilities with drugs and alcohol, Lisa has now fully stepped into her beautiful, unique self and shares her gifts with the world on Hearing Heaven.


You can connect with your own angels through a personal, one-on-one session. Schedule your call here!

The Perfect Time for Reflection

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During my prayer and meditation about the content of this message, I was given the following very strong foundational message:

The approaching start of the New Year is the perfect time to reflect on the past one including the perceived good and bad, which may include why things have or have not worked out as you hoped they would.

You didn’t get that job or promotion?

You would love to have a baby and aren’t pregnant yet?

You haven’t met your long awaited soul mate? Etc.

I want you to know that this happens to all of us. It is not good or bad; it is exactly as it should be.

If things have not worked out as you had desired or planned, there is a reason. There is something better, be it a better time, place, person, situation or season.

My long held beliefs are that everything that is meant to be will be and that everything happens for a reason. It may sound cliché, but these beliefs radiate through the depths of my being.

At all times, but especially the challenging ones, I find it helpful to remember that there is a higher order and purpose to things. Spirit sees the whole picture, where we only have a glimpse. Spirit always has our BEST interests at heart from the WHOLE perspective. So something not working out how you hoped or wanted it to may be the best gift of all.

God, Spirit and the angels always have our back and never give up on us even though it may feel at times that they have. They really are always communicating with us and leading us, guiding us and showing us the way. The world’s wisdom traditions say that we ourselves possess all the answers we will ever need. It is true that the answers come from within. When we get quiet, we will hear them.

May your coming year be filled with radical love, joy, peace, faith, trust, happiness, prosperity, transformation, health, gratitude, blessings, miracles, forgiveness, grace and acceptance.

May you recognize the signs that are always showing us the way.

May you remember the truth of who you really are and what you came here to do.

May you shine your biggest and brightest today and always.

Love and peace,


Remember: even though it may be uncomfortable, we are always exactly where we need to be. What is truly meant for us will never be withheld from us.

Take a breath, allow trust to settle in, and relax into the flow of life.

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Signs from the Divine

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I hope you will bask in the glow of the holiday season, whether it is enjoying connecting with others or doing some self care yumminess.

I am excited to share this with you as it brings me great joy and peace whenever I get a message from the Divine. To me that is the core essence of the season.

Let’s get to it shall we?

One of the main philosophies I teach is that we are always being lead, guided, and shown the way. Numbers seen repetitively are one way that Spirit communicates with us.

As promised, here is a basic list of what each number means so you can decode the messages the universe is giving you!

0: God/Creator/Universe is talking to you. You are one with the Divine.

1: Manifestation. Be mindful of your thoughts as they manifest into form; so only think of things you desire. Worry attracts negativity.

2: Keep the faith. Everything is working out as it meant to. You can ask the angels to buoy your faith if you would like.

3: The ascended masters are with you and helping you. It could be Jesus, Quan Yin, Ganesh, Muhammad, or other Saints or Spiritual figures. Whichever one comes to your mind first is the one that it is!

4: Thousands of angels surround you and are helping you.

5: Positive life changes, always for the best. When I met my husband, I saw 555 everywhere for weeks!

6: Worries about money or material things. You can ask the angels to help you release your worries to God.

7: Congratulations, you are on a roll! Keep going!

8: Abundance and prosperity. It could be in the form of time, money, ideas and anything else you need to fulfill your life’s purpose.

9: Get to work, lightworker! Lightworkers are humans who came to earth to spread love and light. Chances are since you are reading this you are one! So, be your best self and shine bright!

Remember, a true message from the Divine will show up over and over again as a repetitive sign. Say that you see the numbers 444 in sequence, (repetitive same number sequences magnify the message) it means thousands and thousands and thousands of angels are surrounding and helping you! Repetitive numbers can appear on license plates, in magazines, newspapers, on signs, sports jerseys numbers, addresses, on digital clocks, anywhere really.

Remember the reason for the season. Enjoying quality time with cherished loved ones and being of loving service to others are a couple of my favourites.

What are yours? I would love to know! Please leave a comment below.

Wishing you tons of peace, joy, love, and merriment this holiday season and always,

Love always,


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