Calm, Cool, Collected

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Want to experience a calm, cool, collectedness in life?

Be present. Being present means not thinking about the past or worrying about the future. It is simply being in the exact moment. Being present will bring you more clarity, calmness and sunniness in your disposition and in your life.

You can increase your present awareness by:

  • Noticing your breath. Feel its beautiful peaceful flow. You can take it one step further by mimicking a baby’s breath, inhaling deep into the belly and exhaling. Your belly should literally expand and contract with each breath in and out.
  • Focusing on the scenery around you. Notice the leaves on the trees, the scent of flowers or the blueness of the sky. It does not have to be an outside scene.
  • If you are indoors, take notice of what it feels like to sit in the chair you are in, the colour of the floor or wall or the way the sunlight dances through the window.
  • Meditating even just a few minutes a day. Nothing fancy is needed. Become still and focus only on your breath.

If you are really digging being present, you will want to be mindful of consuming caffeine, drugs, alcohol,and excess sugar as they are a sure way to bring you out of it.

Here’s to experiencing a more calm, cool and collected May… and always!

The Power of Perception

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Having a blah day? Does your world seem bleak and mundane? Life just not doing it for you? Got a case of the blahs?

A simple shift can turn it around!

Are you a glass half-full kind of person or a glass half-empty?

I am definitely a glass half-full kind of girl, which represents having an optimistic outlook on life. The latter represents a pessimistic one.

If it is a rainy day, I notice the grass, trees and flowers growing and blooming… that would not happen without the rain. When something does get me down and I am not my sparkly bright self, my hubby gives me a beautiful reminder to focus on the positive.

There is always a positive spin on things. Literally, shifting your thoughts can change your experience, changing your life for the better.

You see, any situation may be seen in different ways depending on one’s point of view. Therefore, if you change your perception on any given thing you can literally change your life!

I say bring on the happiness! Who is with me?

Where can you change up your views to bring in more peace, love and joy?

The Elephant in the Room

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I am an empath, meaning I can feel others’ emotions whether they share them or not.

I feel truth.

Lately I’ve been feeling a collective underlying uneasiness because of the negative events that are going on worldwide that we have no control over. I think it’s important to remember that we do have control over some things and that we can make our lives the best they can be regardless of circumstances.

We have control over the:

Lifestyle we live. 

Are you rushing from place to place without slowing down to truly savor your existence and just be? When was the last time you took some time out for just you to feed your soul?

Things we do in our spare time. 

Do you do self care activities that rejuvenate you or do you feel guilty about having spare time and don’t allow it for yourself?

People we spend time with.

Are you hanging with people who match your vibe or are you being drained by obligatory visits that you really don’t want to partake in?

Choices we make. 

When weighing your decisions, compare the feelings of each one. Do they feel  heavy or light? It is a great way to determine which is the best way to go. Heavy is a no and light is a resounding YES!

The food we eat. 

There are countless benefits of eating well. Choosing organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible has a huge impact on the quality of these gems thus in turn making them even better for you then their non organic counterparts.  You can ask the angels to help you afford any associated increased costs with eating better. Food and diet are known to control moods and even ADHD.

Exercise or lack thereof. 

Get up and move your beautiful body! Get those feel good hormones grooving. Archangel Michael can motivate you if you need a kick in the pants to get going.

Thoughts we think. 

Do your thoughts anchor and serve you or do you spiral into negativity and what ifs? We always can choose our thoughts and ask our angels to uplift and beautify them! That’s Archangel Jophiel’s specialty!

Some great takeaways for some extra pep in your step: 

Getting out in nature helps us reset and balance on all levels. You can get even more benefit when you call upon our handy nature angels who can actually slough off negative energy from in and around us if you ask them!

Do things that fuel your passion for life. Often these are playful activities that you maybe did as a child. I love hiking, yoga, colouring, singing and dancing.

HAVE FUN! Even if you have to make your own  🙂

PS: no matter what’s going on in the world, we just need to remember we so got this!