Life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening for you!

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Happy February you beautiful soul!

Upon meditating about what to write about for this month, I was told to write about a mantra that my friend *Amanda Weber uses, “Life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening for you”.

Here is a perfect example of how that showed up in my life. I was going about my day and posted my weekly angel reading onto YouTube. I shared it with my community on Facebook.

While on Facebook, I saw an event that popped up that I “may be interested in”; I clicked on it, as I was intrigued. It was a full moon celebration. I have been feeling very connected with the moon lately and wanting to know more, so I signed up. I went to the event. To say it was mind blowing would be an understatement!

Here is an excerpt from my journal about it:

Last night I participated in a super blue blood moon experience with a Shaman for the first time. It included a guided meditation, a fire ceremony and then a music circle. It was so fulfilling. I literally felt myself vibrating on so many levels. It lasted the entire evening, even after I got home. I could not wait to share my experience with my Mom so I called her to chat while on the way home from it. She playfully teased me saying I was being quite a chatterbox.  I think it was because I was so elated and excited to share my experience with her.

During the first part of the evening in the guided meditation, we were lead to a place where we were gifted something from the Universe. My gift looked like a really bright glowing diamond shape, as bright as a star; it was fairly big and hovered about the height of my heart in front of me. The instructor guided us to accept our gift into our being so it became a part of us and would be with us always. It was very awesome and powerful. An Andean fire ceremony followed.

The Shaman called in the four directions, (East, West, North, South), Father Sun and Mother Earth. We chanted and drummed. I felt extremely connected to my native ancestors! The chanting was so powerful for me as it is something I have been feeling really called to do. During the ceremony, we released things we no longer wanted in our lives and called in what we want to attract. Then we all chose a musical instrument and enjoyed a fun intuitive music circle. The whole experience was so very interesting and enlightening. I am so glad that I did it. I experienced an incredible shift. I am so thankful and I feel so blessed. 

When I got home, I shared my experience with my husband, Kyle, and he said that it sounded awesome! He could tell something big happened for me because of the pure joy and excitement I could not contain. I was lit up! I feel blessed that he is so supportive and willing to open his mind to other things.

When I woke up this morning and I was meditating, I was told to feel that bright white light inside of me.  I felt it in my heart and then I expanded that light out to fill my whole being, I realized that that is my Divine self. My TRUE self. Since doing this, I feel so connected and whole. Then I thought,  by connecting to our essence, that beautiful light within, is where we discover our Divinity! Our TRUE SELF! Epiphany!

I feel so humbled and grateful for this experience. It is such an incredible and lovely space to be in! Then I was told to write about the mantra that Amanda Weber lives by, “Life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening for you”. It is just so true! When we are just patient and trust the process, things unfold as they are meant to. It is a wonderfully important and powerful mantra and one I have adopted to get me out of my head. It helps to me remember that we are all always being lead, guided and shown the way”.

Can you drop in and see how Life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening for you? How lovely is that? Isn’t it so great to know that Spirit has our backs, knows exactly why we are here, what our unique soul lessons and learnings of this lifetime are AND have orchestrated perfectly timed events and experiences so we can fulfill them? I would love to know how you see how life is happening for you, not to you.


*Amanda Weber is a Certified Instructor, Happiness Coach & the creator of The Full Life coaching program and popular weekly Podcast. I recently did a podcast with Amanda called Trusting Your Intuition with Guest Lisa Stamper. You can listen to it by clicking HERE.

I post a new video every Sunday of the angels guidance for the coming week on the Hearing Heaven YouTube channel. Go here and subscribe so you don’t miss an episode!

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