New Beginnings and a Fresh Start

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Happy June everyone!

In my part of the world, June is a time of visible new beginnings. It is so refreshing to witness the birthing of new life in the plant and animal kingdoms. We see more people coming outside to experience the beautiful outdoors, enjoying the warmth and vigour of the season. You will find many of us playing outdoors, riding our bikes, hiking, sharing picnics, and lounging in the sun. Rejuvenating. Drinking in some much-needed vitamin D.

However, spring and summer really are not the only time for new beginnings. We are given a fresh start every single day, with every single breath.

This means if you do something that takes you off your path, (e.g., over-indulging in food or alcohol, staying up too late, or gossiping), you do not have beat yourself up. Everyone makes mistakes. Each day is a new chance to change or try again. It is a reset. You can commit to doing better.

When you release guilt and shame to the angels (or the universe or God, etc.) and ask for assistance, the energy surrounding the issue shifts and brings in fresh, supported vitality which is sure to effect lasting change.

How will you choose to live your gift of a new beginning and a fresh start?

Peace, warmth and love,

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