Remembering Your Magic

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The truth of this life is that we are always being lead, guided, and shown the way. We are not here just floundering around. We have a great purpose and we are meant to live it with passion, happiness, fulfillment and joy. Isn’t that awesome?

To really get this, you have to understand and remember your innate magic. That beautiful tool that has been stuffed down, oppressed and ignored by many and is ready to be reclaimed. What in heck is it you ask? It’s your intuition. Your sixth sense and it comes in many forms such as:

Clairvoyance or clear seeing:
I see dead people and all that jazz. (Yes, I can, except I don’t in certain ways, by choice, as I will discuss later under ‘set your boundaries’)
Clear seeing is more involved than just seeing physically. It also means seeing with your mind’s eye, using the energy centre located between the eyebrows, maybe through a vision, or pictures or like watching scenes of a movie; think if it like daydreaming. One could see anything really: people, numbers, objects, colours, or places. I will sometimes physically see orbs, also called angel lights, or the colour of the person’s aura (the field of energy that surrounds every person) during their reading I am giving them. They all hold significance in relation to a message that is being portrayed.

Clairaudience or clear hearing:
Say you overhear a conversation and it’s the exact thing you needed to hear. Maybe a song on the radio comes on just as you were just thinking of a passed over loved one… you got it! They are trying to get your attention to say they are with you. I often receive lyrics of a song over and over in my head and then have to decipher what Spirit is trying to tell me.

Claircognizance or clear knowing:
Have you ever known something 100% but you don’t know how you know it? That is clear knowing. It is a deep knowing. For instance, I know in my gut that every single thing that happens is for a reason. I just KNOW it.

Clairsentience or clear feeling:
Take for instance, upon entering a house you feel an overwhelming sadness but you felt fine before you went in.  Maybe you have walked into a room before and have “felt” the energy of it. Think of the saying “you could cut the tension in the room with a knife”. Perhaps you go to a friend’s house and you feel that something is off even if they are acting fine.  In all of these instances, you are picking up an underlying feeling. It is the ability to feel what other people feel. I am deeply empathic, which is another word for it. I had a bit of a challenge distinguishing what feeling was mine and what wasn’t; but once you get the hang of it it’s super cool. If you pick up a feeling and gauge that it’s not yours, maybe this is your jam!

Take note:
When Spirit is really trying to get your attention their warm gentle message appears over and over no matter how it comes through. It is never mean or rude. If messages come through as that, you have entered the domain of the ego. I’ll chat about that next month, too, as it all ties in.

It is important to mention that we usually have a couple of primary ways that Spirit communicates with us. Mine are Clairaudience (clear hearing) and Clairvoyance (clear seeing). HOWEVER, communication is not limited to your primaries though. I do receive messages through the other ways as well!

What do you think yours are?

Set your boundaries!
I have strict boundaries with Spirit, as is important to have in this world, too. When I am doing a reading for someone and tune into a loved one of theirs who has passed over, the Spirit will often let me feel physical ailments they have had or died from. This is my request and boundary with the Spirit world as though I am clairvoyant; I can see clearly, I don’t want to see dead people. No, that’s not quite right; I’m okay with them showing me a vision of themselves so I know what they looked like while they were living (so the person I am reading for knows it’s them) but I’m not down to see apparitions. They kind of freak me out for some reason.

For example, I am doing a reading on a woman named Donna and her Mother pops in. I relay that her Mom is here and then I get really short of breath and I’m finding it a challenge to breathe. I know that it’s not mine and I ask Donna if her Mom had breathing issues (which she did). Voila, confirmation that it is her.

This is real:
Only work with light beings. Never dabble with the dark! It does exist and is not something to mess with. EVER!
Like any skill, it takes practice to get better at it:

There are specific  ways to hone these skills and yes, they are skills that I will share with you next time!
As always, if you are having trouble tuning in, I would be honoured to be your direct line to the Divine. You can book a session here: WORK WITH ME.

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