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I hope you will bask in the glow of the holiday season, whether it is enjoying connecting with others or doing some self care yumminess.

I am excited to share this with you as it brings me great joy and peace whenever I get a message from the Divine. To me that is the core essence of the season.

Let’s get to it shall we?

One of the main philosophies I teach is that we are always being lead, guided, and shown the way. Numbers seen repetitively are one way that Spirit communicates with us.

As promised, here is a basic list of what each number means so you can decode the messages the universe is giving you!

0: God/Creator/Universe is talking to you. You are one with the Divine.

1: Manifestation. Be mindful of your thoughts as they manifest into form; so only think of things you desire. Worry attracts negativity.

2: Keep the faith. Everything is working out as it meant to. You can ask the angels to buoy your faith if you would like.

3: The ascended masters are with you and helping you. It could be Jesus, Quan Yin, Ganesh, Muhammad, or other Saints or Spiritual figures. Whichever one comes to your mind first is the one that it is!

4: Thousands of angels surround you and are helping you.

5: Positive life changes, always for the best. When I met my husband, I saw 555 everywhere for weeks!

6: Worries about money or material things. You can ask the angels to help you release your worries to God.

7: Congratulations, you are on a roll! Keep going!

8: Abundance and prosperity. It could be in the form of time, money, ideas and anything else you need to fulfill your life’s purpose.

9: Get to work, lightworker! Lightworkers are humans who came to earth to spread love and light. Chances are since you are reading this you are one! So, be your best self and shine bright!

Remember, a true message from the Divine will show up over and over again as a repetitive sign. Say that you see the numbers 444 in sequence, (repetitive same number sequences magnify the message) it means thousands and thousands and thousands of angels are surrounding and helping you! Repetitive numbers can appear on license plates, in magazines, newspapers, on signs, sports jerseys numbers, addresses, on digital clocks, anywhere really.

Remember the reason for the season. Enjoying quality time with cherished loved ones and being of loving service to others are a couple of my favourites.

What are yours? I would love to know! Please leave a comment below.

Wishing you tons of peace, joy, love, and merriment this holiday season and always,

Love always,


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P.P.S. You can see a new video every Sunday of the angels guidance for the coming week on our youtube channel  – While you’re there, please subscribe so you can see our new videos as soon as they post!

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