“I’m grateful to have met with Lisa.

She helped me to discover insights and showed me how to listen to the signs that were in my life. I felt at peace and happy.

I’ve recommended her to friends and family and will return for another appointment.

The best way I can describe the session is to say it brought clarity to the moment.

I actually felt connected to my soul and it changed (for the better) the way I feel about certain moments in my life.”Jason

“Lisa is so gifted at what she does. She makes you feel welcome and comfortable right away.

I completely believe in her gift.

Everything she told me was so accurate and she helped me in so many ways. It was an unforgettable experience. I am going back to see her again and I have recommended her to many of my friends.

Thank you Lisa, you are an amazing soul!”

Tracey Zinken

“Lisa has a reassuring and positive spirit, which shines through in every interaction. She is amazingly intuitive and was able to share so much with me the moment she became attuned to what I was experiencing.

I felt as though we had known one another forever, and she shed light on so many things I had known deep within my heart but needed to hear.

The wisdom Lisa shared has helped to ground and center me ever since we met.

Her insight is a true gift to anyone who is open to experiencing it. ”

Lisa Stamper has a wonderful connection to the heavenly realm. She is very gifted with her honed abilities to connect with the angels and bring comforting messages from above.

She has continually amazed me with her connection to my loved ones bringing hope and inspiration for all.

If you haven’t tried a reading with Lisa, you don’t know what you are missing.

Janice W.

Oh wow! Totally blown away. To call Lisa gifted would be an understatement! ~ Donna

Lisa has such an amazing gift. She is truly a blessing and gives amazing insights, messages and energy. Thank you. ~ Miana

Thank you so much. You have made me believe even more than ever that we are protected and watched over. It gave me strength. ~ Monique

That was an incredible experience-one of the best I’ve ever had! Thank you SO much. ~ April

A wonderful connection to those I needed to hear from about the things I needed to hear. Thank you for sharing your gift. ~Joy

Lisa! Wow! You know your stuff-great answers! ~ Abby

Lisa, thank you so much for the life changing reading. Best day ever, and I’m excited to start my new journey. ~ Reanne

Be Love in all ways at all times.