The Magic is inside YOU!

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Happy August!

Photo by Joan van der Meer

Do you know that YOU possess a great magic inside of you that is just waiting to be acknowledged and revealed? It is not just for a select group. No, it is so innate that just being born grants you access to it.

This magic is your birthright. It’s purpose? To lead you, guide you, and show you the way to live the life you truly desire. One where you happily pursue your passions and natural talents. One where your dreams are realized. One where you are deeply fulfilled.

For many it has been oppressed, ignored, and stuffed down as people turned to solely rely on the rational mind, favouring science as the only truth, discounting the whisperings of their souls, forgetting or not trusting their intuition.

How many times have you not listened to your gut feeling only to find out you were right?

The magic is always beckoning you… do you hear it? When I acknowledged the magic in me, I was not 100% sold so I started writing down my guidance as it came to me. When I looked back on them, I realized they were true. Wow! Then trust came. Now I just follow my guidance no questions asked and let me tell you my life is incredible. I have never been happier, loved as deeply or been more fulfilled. Know that this is available for you too.

I encourage you to take a courageous step and reclaim your potency. Keep track of your soul’s messages. Trust. Expand. Be your vibrant truest self and shine on. 😊

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