Time to get warm and cozy!

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October is here!

Let’s get snuggled in and check out these expansive truths.

Last month we talked about remembering our magic and the different ways we receive it. Today we are going to take a step further to let you know about a huge block every single one of us experiences, especially when developing our gifts, the ego.

An acronym for ego is Edging God Out. If you do not relate to God, consider replacing that word with Spirit, Universe, Source, Higher Self, Divine, etc. Ego is essentially fear based. Since we are using acronyms, here is one for Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real. Your ego embodies your deepest fears. It is important to get to know your fears so that when they arise you know it is just your ego messing with you and you can call it out for what it is.

Here is the thing, our ego is a natural human condition; HOWEVER, it is not the truth. As we have discussed before, the truth of this life is that we are always being lead, guided, and shown the way. We are here for an exact reason. We have a great purpose and we are meant to live it with passion, happiness, fulfillment and joy. Isn’t that awesome? You think  “Well, yes Lisa, but”… See? Your “but” equals ego. The truth is that we are all born with our navigation system intact. We are ALL always being guided.

There is a reason for this spiel: promise.

If you decide to start to engage your sixth sense, your ego is going to get very loud and try to undermine what you are doing. It is essentially going to make you second-guess yourself. It may tell you that you cannot do it or the info that you are getting is not right. Hold steady, matey. It is all part of it. You see, your ego is used to being the leader. However, if you only live with that, it will keep you small. So, your ego is going to put up a stink because it feels threatened. No matter though, we want truth and all the magic that entails, right? Then we have to engage our intuitive muscles. We have to build these skills!

The key is to get quiet and getting quiet is a skill. Say what? In this day and age, there are so many stimulants that bring us out of alignment with ourselves. True alignment equals total trust in Spirit and effortless communication with the Divine. Literally.

How, you ask?
Get comfy.
Listen for the quiet space between your ears; it is almost like a higher pitch sound.
Breathe deeply. I find it helpful to close my eyes, but do what is right for you.
Take slow steady breaths.
Do not try to force anything. It will come. When it does, notice how you receive it. Do you hear, see, feel or know it?

Most importantly trust what you get and have fun with it!

Love always,

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