Do you have trust issues? I do.

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I admit it.

These past few weeks I have gone through a series of events that exposed some old deep wounds for me. Stuff I thought I had dealt with. I totally resisted facing it for a couple of days. Enter crying, anxiety, anger and frustration. Interestingly, when I reached out to my fellow light workers, I learned that their deep wounds had surfaced too. I thought about this and came to the conclusion that these issues would not be coming up if they were not meant to. It has been a long-held belief from deep within my soul that everything happens for a reason. So, since it’s a common issue of peoples deep wounding coming up it means we have the opportunity to heal our sh*t together.

Now, we certainly have the free will to ignore our challenges when they come up. But, I can say from experience that it is much easier to embrace them and do what you need do to move through them than it is to stuff down, ignore, sleep away, walk or run away from them, because they will come up again. So, I would rather lean into it.

The saving grace is once you do your due diligence the hidden treasure of the experience will be revealed. Be assured there is always a hidden treasure  You will find it. Mine often come as ‘ah ha’ moments or epiphanies.

So, saying that; I’m going to openly share what surfaced for me. I have issues with and deep wounds around trusting – men especially. Through honest self-inventory, asking for Divine guidance and the Universe for absolute truth, I was able to piece together via intuitive hunches, dreams, signs and signals that everything relates to my biological father abandoning my family when I was very young.

My next step: return to counselling. And, I am willing to go deeper and do whatever it takes to resolve this. It most likely will not be pretty. Without a doubt, it will not be easy; but I am choosing to face this head on.

Though this adventure of life can be epically amazing sometimes, we are all here to learn and heal. As my friend Charlotte pointed out, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. But I know we’ve got this. Together. As we heal, we help others to heal as well.

Can you trust that you are always being lead, guided and shown the way even if it means showing you your deepest wounding? The beauty of this is, it is the next step in your healing!

Can you practice radical acceptance with where you are at even if it is uncomfortable?

Can you choose to honour what comes up knowing that the Universe would not give you anything that you cannot handle?

Lastly, can you be thankful for the issue coming up so you can move through and beyond it?

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