What’s a tell-tale sign you’re on the right path?

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How do you know if the jig of life you’re dancing is the right one?

One of the main ways to know is if you experience synchronicities in your life. Synchronicities are spontaneous and surprising occurrences that happen together in perfect timing. You could also relate to them as uncanny coincidences that magically occur.

Here is one of mine: I strolled down the street and noticed 444 as a house number and then a car drove by with 444 as numbers on a license plate. I came home and the clock said 4:44. The odometer changed to include 444 in it. Ding, ding, ding! You guessed it! These synchronistic happenings were Spirit trying to get my attention, a nudge affirming everything is how it should be. How fun and uber-reassuring, eh?

Synchronicities really give you a feeling of deeper connection to your soul AND once you notice them, they will occur more and more often. The thing to remember is not to go looking for synchronicities. You cannot force them to happen. They just happen magically and it does not count if you keep looking at the clock and waiting for it to be 4:44 etc.

On another note, different numbers have different meanings; but we will save that juicy tidbit for next month.

I’d love to know how you have experienced synchronicities in your life by leaving me a comment below.

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